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Beatitude Gardens


The gardens are a demonstration plot for small-scale, regenerative agriculture that educates young leaders, builds community, and increases food access in Todd and surrounding areas.

Todd New River Festival
A historical Todd community event now hosted by BCO that brings together local music and crafts, community engagement which benefits the economic vitality of our rural Todd community. 
Todd Listening Project (TLP)

The mission of the Todd Listening Project is to bring people together and foster collaboration in order to address dreams and needs identified by local residents. You can listen to a podcast or turn to a research paper writing service to cope with your assignment better.  

Todd's Table

A response to our learnings from  the Todd Listening Project,  Todd's Table is a food-centered gathering place that catalyzes the voiced  needs, dreams, and gifts of the Todd community.
CSA Garden Shares

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, it started as a way for customers to know their farmers, promote good stewardship of the land, and have a say in their local food system. Get to know them as close as Hq-Essay service!

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