Intentional Community. Holistic Service. Christian Spirituality.

Blackburn House is a one-year residential internship program for 3-4 young adults looking to deepen their purpose, spirituality and love for Christ, service ethic, and sense of community in rural Todd, NC.

Program Overview


Originating out of Blackburn’s Chapel, a small Methodist congregation, and now a program of Blackburn Community Outreach, house residents are strongly involved in the creative programming of both entities, using each of their unique skills, interests, and “growing edges” in the work of these organizations.  Faithful and authentic participation in six core areas of life is expected of each Blackburn House and the collective cohort: Christian Community, Church Partnership, Community Service, Hospitality, Personal Disciplines, and Simplicity & Sustainability.

Residents spend approximately 20 hours/week doing direct community service.  Areas of service include organic “permaculture” gardening, food preparation and preservation, basic youth tutoring and mentorship, event planning and coordinating, attending community meetings, community canvassing and mobilization, hosting community meals, church leadership, and more! Residents also volunteer with other Todd and High Country organizations doing similar work.

Residents spend another 20 hours/week forming and sustaining community within the cohort. Community life includes eating together, praying together, studying group reading materials, reflecting, and taking Sabbath, as well as the other creative activities that residents initiate.  

In their second term, residents use BCO’s community engagement strategies to plan and implement “impact projects” of their own design for environmental, economic, and/or social vitality in Todd.

Learn more about the six core areas of life, community service partners, and residents' relationship with Blackburn's Chapel here.

Meet the 2017-18 Cohort